SC Battle Creek's S'Golden Samuel

Born: 02.11.2005

Color: cream classic tabby/ white (e 09 22)


Sam has arrived to us from Germany. He is a large male of old breeding lines. He is a very big (already in 10 months old he weighed 9 kg). Now his weight is about 11 kg! Both his parents have strong and heavy bones and the developed muscles. Sam has not only inherited all these features, but he also gives all of them to his kittens. All his kittens same large (and even is more), with strong bodies, wide paws and long well downy tails.

Sammy is very friendly boy with fine show-character. The judges from different countries estimate him very highly and already in 2 years old he has received the higher title of FIFE is the EUROPEAN CHAMPION.

He gives many beautiful kittens and now, he is neutered.


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GIC Exotic Fruit Lucky Line*UA

Born: 10.02.2004

Color: cream classic tabby (е 22)


Lucky is our very first maine-coon. When he has appeared at us, we have understood that now we not to live without maine-coons. Lucky is a cat of Danish old bloodlines. He has very strong and well-muscled body, thick coat, large head and a muzzle as a real lion. All experts at the Cat Shows estimate this unusual unique aspect. We more anywhere did not meet so “leonine” coon.

In spite of his wild appearance, Lucky is a tender and gentle male. He can lay near me by hours, embracing me and purring me the fairy tales.

He gives many beautiful kittens. Now, he is neutered, but he stays with us as our lovely and handsome boy.

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C.Belocoon Viking RUSSIANCOON*RU

Born: 18.08.2008

Color: black classic tabby/ white (n 09 22)


Viking is offspring of German lines who was born in our cattery. He is very large boy with a long magnificent tail and with a wild look. Besides, he has so tender and remarkable character that we simply could not part with him, though he does not necessary for our breeding program.

Now he is neutered and stays with as a member of our family.

He is a first cat of my daughter who is his rightful owner.


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Born: 30.09.2008

Color: brown tabby (n 22)


Damir was born in our cattery as a result of a unique single combination of two known German bloodlines. He has inherited the strong body and long tail, and he has surpassed his parents unusually thick and long coat. Damir is very large boy (in 6 months old he already weighed 5,7 kg!) with unusual lovely character.

He loves kids very much. He is one male who has nursed with all small kittens. When the mother leaves them on the affairs, he replaces with their mother; he embraces, warms and licks them.

Moreover, he loves people very much. He fascinates all our guests from their first visit.

Unfortunately, he has some shortcomings in the type that have prevented him to take place our strict selection on a stud cat. Now he is neutered and stayed with us. We cannot part with him.

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GIC Gela Lucky Line*UA

Born: 29.04.2005

Color: brown classic torbie (f 22)


Gela is my most favorite female. She is unusually clever and charming. She is real leader in our family. Moreover, as the real woman, she is very beautiful. She has fantastic torby color with a golden shade, beautiful brushes on ears and a tail with a long streaming hair. She has a strong chin, good profile and a wild sparkling sight of the real predator.

Judges of the different countries appreciate our Gela very much that confirm her many nominations on BIS.

Now she is neutered, but she stays with us and she is a leader of cat’s family as earlier.


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Born: 05.02.2007.

Color: cream tabby white (е 09 22)


Aglaya was born in our cattery. She has unusually strong bones and a long muscular body. She has a big beautiful ears and very dense coat.

Unfortunately, her first birth was very difficult for her, and we have decided not to use her any more in breeding work. Now she is neutered and lives at our friends.

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